Stecure discontinued

Today I would like to, sadly, announce, that I will discontinue Stecure with immediate effect. Registration will not be possible and the support E-Mail won’t work anymore.

If you have questions why keep reading this post. If you would like to buy some of the technology, I have developed contact me over this website.

Stecure barely had any users, has cost me over 500 € and took me more than 1 600 hours to develop. And I do not have time to maintain this nor to do more marketing.

Recently I have updated my survey tool getOpenion. Which will still exist, be maintained and get even better! Like all the web apps I create, getOpenion is very easy to use, fast to get started, has lot’s of helpful features and protects your privacy. More apps by me can be found here.

Within 24 hours Stecure will not be available anywhere anymore. Our social media pages will stay for a undefinite time. I will keep the domain and as is my shorturl service anyway.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-26 um 20.02.11


Thank you,
Pius Ladenburger

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