getOpenion rising

In the last few days I have been updating getOpenion. getOpenion is my really easy to use survey tool and has become even faster to use and beautiful recently.

getOpenion is free and includes numerous extremely helpful features. If you use getOpenion proffessionaly or want some proffessional features, you can sign up for getOpenion Pro for only 4 €/Month.

Pro features would open your account to features like uploading CSS or blocking repeated submissions, while there are already tons of other features in the free plan, like ratings, text inputs or lists (optionally extenable). Read about all features on the website.

I always focus on privacy which is why getOpenion encrypts your data and is only accessable over an encrpyted SSL Connection. All Data is of course stored in Germany (* Payment details are processed by Stripe, but they only get your E-Mail Address and Credit Card Details).

Qualys Labs SSL Rating

SSL Server Test Rating: A


You can also get getOpenion Pro for free for a few month, just check out our social media! Facebook and Twitter here.

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