The Msngr will be open-source

Quite a while ago I have started to develop a secure messenger simply called “The Msngr”. The idea behind the msngr was to provide a communication tool which allows you to chat encryptedly while having the advantages of a normal messaging app. The Msngr allows you to sync your private key over our servers or to export it and import it manually (if you are paranoid and never want anyother devices than your own to every see the bytes of your key).

Also The Msngr should always be a messenger being developed base on the wishes of it’s users. Sadly, I currently don’t have much time to finish the first final version of the msngr server… and then there would also need to be the iOS, Android, Windows (Phone) and Mac App. This is why I decided to make The Msngr open-source! On Monday the 22. of June, I will publish The Msngr’s GitHub Repository.

You can also visit the website of The Msngr to find out more about him.

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