Introducing my first WordPress plugin

I have invested a lot of time recently to find out how to create WordPress plugins (it’s actually very easy, tinyMCE is just not that straight forward because of it’s rather bad documentation). And I am proud to announce that the result is a WordPress plugin for getOpenion.

getOpenion for WordPress

The new plugin allows you to directly insert your surveys into your blog posts within the text editor. All you have to do is connect your getOpenion account with your WordPress blog (done via OAuth). It’s super easy, fast and secure, even for blog admins. Each blog user can connect to their own getOpenion account and other users can’t see the surveys of others (sharing on out todo list!) and the WordPress installation only has permission to list your surveys… It can’t see your username, email or anything else.

And for WordPress admins? Well, all they have to do is upload the plugin folder into the WordPress plugins folder and activate the plugin. The rest is done automatically in the background. The plugin will automatically register your WordPress installation as an OAuth app at getOpenion (if you have a private blog this doesn’t matter as we really don’t use this information at all except for the authorization).

In order to delete the app on our servers you simply need to delete the plugin (via the WordPress Admin Dashboard, not manually!). This will also remove all connected user authorizations too though, so be careful! This means no more surveys on your blog :(.

Download it here

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