The design of Pius Blog…

…has changed


As you may have noticed I have changed the design of my Blog. There was actually only one reason to it: I felt like it had to change.



As you may have noticed the Blog is based on the best Blog-CMS out there: WordPress. This makes it extremely easy to change my theme too. Previously I have been using the great theme The Box: It’s customizable, looks good and doesn’t have any too bad bugs. I now changed to the Optimizer theme, which let’s me customize a lot but – most importantly – it looks great. The cutomizing feature also makes it future proof, in case, I would like to add more content to my homepage.

I also looked at some other themes, the only one worth mentioning here was Sparkling, which is also customizable and good looking but not good looking enough: The featured images are too big on the front page and articles with out ones look weired (no border at the top of the article). Other themes, which don’t fit my blog but are also great, are Serene (Very good for blogging), Revera (Good for corporate)

 The themes


I also decided to create a post schedule, so I will try to get out a new article every week from now on! You will also find my posts on Twitter and Facebook as well as in an E-Mail Newsletter shortly.