Adding an emoji picker to textfields


It’s been long since the last article.

Let’s take a look at my most popular GitHub Repository: emojiarea.

This simple JQuery Plugin allows you to add an Emojipicker to any textfield. This plugin is a fork and extends the original by a huge emoji pack sorted into the typical categories – which is partly sorted (feel free to create a pull request with new emojicons or a new order).

I have created the plugin for an experimental project The Msngr.

In order to use the plugin, all you have to do is call this JQuery function:
$('textarea').emojiarea({wysiwyg: true});. You can choose to set wysiwyg to true if you want the icons to be displayed directly in the textbox or false if not. If you choose true the textbox will  be converted into a div with the attribute contenteditable set to true.


Icon made by Icomoon from is licensed under CC BY 3.0