Search projects for refugee integration

Introducing Get Started in Germany

Finding things can be annoying. In the refugee crisis lot’s of projects have evolved to help integrating refugees – there are so many projects, I can’t even remember all of them. This is why, I put together a little team at my University and we developed Get Started in Germany (GEST)GEST allows refugees to search through all projects, which we have collected until then, and filter for their location, language skills and education degree – and this is only our first version.

Get Started in Germany gives refugees a better overview on their possibilities in Germany.

This first version has been released today, at 8:20 (am, UTC + 1). If you have an own project, which helps refugees, or know one, which is missing (you can search all projects we have on the provider page) register it, so it can be found.

The GEST Logo is property of Get Started in Germany and may not be used without permission.