getOpenion Pro for free

getOpenion becomes free

From today on getOpenion is 100% free. I have decided to discontinue the pro subscription and make all pro features available for free. So all you have to do to get the pro features is register at getOpenion.

I currently don’t have much time to maintain getOpenion, therefore I am very sorry for any bugs you might find (and I didn’t) and any features you might be waiting for. The current version should be very stable though. I am sure that there will be a huge upgrade for getOpenion coming at some time – faster, safer and greater. For the same price.

getOpenion is – for me – one of the best survey tools out there. The surveys might not have the best design, yet, but the dashboard combines modern design with ease of use to offer extreme productivity. You have advanced options for styling, publishing and notifying. Results can be viewed in a nice graph (the newest feature, with quite a lot of bugs) – and yes, the export feature has been on my todo-list from day one.

Stay tuned – because getOpenion will stay and become more powerful!