3 reasons you should never use Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has been an upgrade many people were very excited about – better design, new features and easier to use (the thing Microsoft just can’t do). To get people even more excited Microsoft offered, and still does, Windows 10 for free – which is very suspicious. Since in todays world you can’t get around using a Windows-PC here are my top 3 reasons I won’t upgrade my “good” old Windows 7:

1. It’s a Trojan horse

Windows 10 automatically installs updates – if you want them or not. Which by definition is (almost) a Trojan horse: It loads executable source-code from an external source without the permission of the user. Now it’s not quite one, since (hopefully) it doesn’t harm the user. Let’s just hope Microsoft tests their updates thoroughly before they publish them (I heard some stories about the opposite; but don’t take my word for it). My concern: Control over my Computer + Privacy

2. It won’t get cheaper

Every company wants and needs to make money. Providing Windows 10 for free means that Microsoft must have a huge advantage that all users use the newest version, an advantage to make more money.
It is always good for a company if all users use the newest version as they do not have to maintain the old version anymore. However Microsoft is also running the so called “cloud based”-software-model. This means you don’t pay once for the software but rather continuously pay a small sum in order to use the software. My concern: Privacy + Control over costs

3. Microsoft won’t stop

If everyone uses Windows 10, Microsoft has no reason to improve their “no control” concept. My concern: Never ending story.


Disclaimer: As I cannot give sources to the above statements nor am I using Windows 10, please do not trust me blind. These are facts I have read somewhere at sometime – please validate them.