getOpenion 3.0

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The last update of getOpenion has been that it will not be maintained for a while as I do not have the time for it. Therefore the next upgrade would be a great one – well let me tell you just a bit about it.

First off the development of getOpenion 3.0 has started: The design, modeling and concepting has finished and I am now on to implementing it. Version 3.0 will be new from inside to outside – I don’t want to reveal all details but here are just a few:

Do you use getOpenion? Have you experienced an annoying bug at some point with it? Me too – that’s why I have decided to reengineer it from the inside out, so this won’t happen anymore.

More intuitive and faster user interface

I have designed a new more intuitive user interface which still has the feeling and style of the current and keeps the clean overview. The user interface will be rewritten to be faster and more reliable.

Reliable and more secure

New and up-to-date encryption methods keep your data secure in our database – and I will improve the encryption to be harder to crack. The server application will also be reengineered to be more reliable and work much more as expected.

Better evaluation

The most important thing about collecting information is evaluating it. getOpenion 3.0 will focus especially on helping you evaluate your collected data.

This is only an excerpt of the changes happening in the next version. The other improvements and new features will be at least as awesome as the ones I listed here.

In order to offer the best first-off experience I will be doing a beta test before releasing getOpenion 3.0. If you would like to participate, please follow getOpenion on Facebook to not miss the application.

When will you get to use getOpenion 3.0? I can’t tell you at this point because I don’t know how long it will take. But surely until Q1 2017!