It’s time to say goodbye (to getOpenion).

After I have been thinking about it for a long time, I have decided to take getOpenion offline. All users have received an goodbye E-Mail from me and I would like to cite it to tell you my reason

getOpenion has always supposed to be an easy to use simple survey tool. While evolving we have found that there are many features which getOpenion also needs in order to be a good alternative to other more complex tools. This automatically means that I have to do more maintenance. As I like to focus on other, new and cooler projects though I have decided that it is best, to take getOpenion offline to not disappoint my users with a low quality service.

But since this is the end of a story, I think it would be interesting for some to know what the original story was.

How did this platform evolve? Well, I made a survey using an online service and sent it to my colleague, he then told me he wouldn’t like to answer it because the data will be stored in the US (this was during the NSA Scandal, which is still sort of present). So I sat down on Friday to start getOpenion and on Saturday I getOpenion was made.