About me

I am a master student at Aalto University in Finland studying Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (yes, that’s the name of the programme). I am especially interested in general artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Note that I believe in a general artificial intelligence that can learn to do almost anything like we can teach a dog. Whereas data science is a more well explored field that is already widely applied in practice – but still has an enormous potential.

At the Hasso Plattner Institute I studied and learned the beauty of software engineering and much more. However, I have shifted fields and am now focused on researching topics around cognition. Particularly, what computer scientists can learn from brain research, and, on the other hand, what we can learn about the brain by trying to engineer its features.

Before, I have lived in China and Germany, now I live in Finland. Not only because of this, I believe in an open and collaborating world.

I think that the only thing that has always been there in human history and will remain throughout our ever changing world is progress. With everything we do, we lastly strive to improve our very personal lives, those of our group, and lastly, that of humanity. For me the most important principle is therefore sustainability. For this reason, with everything I do I hope to make the world a better place – even if I am just the flap of a butterfly’s wing.

As of the social media trend, you can also find me on LinkedIn and GitHub. You can find my past projects and publications on the home page.

I used to have a blog which I am not continuing since quite some time ago. In the future I might start with a totally different topic – however, you can still find the articles here and there is a blog specific about page.

Lastly, any content on this website that is by me (if not it should be marked as such or stated in the imprint), especially images, should not be used without my prior permission.

What is intelligence and can it really be artificial? Isn’t the computer as we know it today not already artificial intelligence? Shouldn’t we really be saying that we are striving for true but engineered intelligence?