Adding an emoji picker to textfields

It’s been long since the last article. Let’s take a look at my most popular GitHub Repository: emojiarea. This simple...

Protecting your work for webdesigners

Quite a while ago I published a tool named “HTML Secure“. Using this tool you can protect any static HTML...

Get ready for the age of surveillance

Read how to make your SSL connection to a website even more secure as a server owner, so secret agencies don't get a chance to spy on you.

Windows or Mac’s fault?

I have tried – and finally succeeded – to install Windows side-by-side to my Mac on my MacBook with Boot Camp. Everything that could have gone wrong, seemed to have gone wrong to me. Read this if you would like to have some fun or to avoid the mistakes yourself.

Writing a WordPress plugin – it’s that easy

Recently I introduced my first WordPress Plugin and said that it would be easy to write one. Let’s take a...